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Early in my career, I began painting portraits. Expression and personality of the subject are paramount; I look for a deeper understanding of my subject, creating a truthful portrait that will preserve fond memories. In some instances, I work exclusively from photos because the distance is too great for the subject to travel to me. But clearly, even though I will be taking photos while we meet, if you are interested in having your portrait painted, I prefer to have at least one sitting in my studio... Get to know you a little, decide on the best pose for you, etc. Discuss where you might plan to hang the portrait, background colors that would be pleasing, etc. Most of my early portraits were in oil or pastel; I now work in acrylic as well, but oil is still the preferred medium for a lovely result. My portraits, as you can see, are realistic in tradition, especially concerned with accurate drawing reflecting a true likeness as I see him/her.